Why Us ?

Why Motorbikedaytour ?

Motivational is very unique way of letting people grabbed what they can same goes with our Motorbikedaytour. Motorbike day tour has been delivering exceptional guided and self guided motorcycle tours over decades with the passion and adventure which is hard to grab hold on with different motorcycle tour companies. If you are enthusiasts about the ride of Nepal, Indian, Tibet and Bhutan we are well suited to take you there.

Our first ride just start with the chat with some of the friends and the very first motorcycle tour started with the Swiss team of riders and without us noticing the company grew bigger with the reference of the first then with second and comes third and forth ride and many more. Different tours started different handpicked destination. Getting hard to just depend on the family then got hired experienced fun and loving guide. Over all our team started to grow but overall service, standard, loyalty and the path that we started from remains the same as we don’t want to change the fact because of which we are still having a tour with our customer again and again


Professional tour and Motorcycle guide
Our guide knows what they are capable of and they grew up riding one with the considerable knowledge of the tourism industry. Some has hold degree in the education field, so we take pride in showing our clients our part of the world while making sure that their tour will have a special experience, one they will remember for the lifetime.
The terrain is harsh with the riders but the ride is always one to look out for if you are with motorbike day tours. The professional level to handle the tour is far superior with carefully picked bikes for the smoothness of the riders.

Size of the riders
Main mission for us is to provide the service personally to each and every riders so we like to have a limit to the riders that we have in one. To do this we keep our tour with no more than 15 bikes with average of 6-8 in a group. This let us ensure good friendship developed between riders in the group and the friendship that will last life time.

Free of luggage ride
You know you got to have luggage for the travel might have to attach it on your bikes but It’s not going to happen with us. Even if there will be just one or with our highest number 0f 15 there will be support van jeep to carry your luggage. And at every end of the day your luggage will be waiting for you at your room doorstep. And the comfort of the van is no less that anything less if the rider’s partner wants to accommodate in the passenger seat throughout the tour.

Hotel available:
Riders or travelers everyone will have same topic how will I manage to have a best one to accommodate for the night. You will not have to worry about it with us as we maintain our service with some of the high quality family run hotels on the tours where the proprietor cares more about the quality of your stay. The feeling of getting a personal attention on small hotel will let you experience what you deserve after your long day of ride with the local smile, hospitality and culture.

Freedom to ride as interest:
A freedom to ride and the something that every rider wants is not possible while you start your tour with different companies. But the changes has been made as we are what we ae and we want our riders to feel as much freedom as you wants, no boundaries to stop you but be sure to have a rest inside our accommodation as well.