Ride and hike basically a form of tour and trek both in one and to the most beautiful destinations where travelers can enjoy in most remote area or inside a jungle. This kind of trek and tour are basically the most utilized travel plan throughout the world but we had not assume it be one of the maje way of ride and hike tours. A hike or trek can be organized for just a day or for whole of the week, months depending upon the interest of the travelers. Way of travelling is changing again and again and who know what changes will happen once we have passed the torch to our next generations.

Past has given us so many knowledge of traveling and for this we are using this very own nature of our ancestors “Merchandise seller” who used to travel for selling their product. This type of travelling has been done many times by our ancestors once the civilization started to form. During this time they used to travel on the cart or horse from one place to another and start to visit every door to door for selling products.

This type of ride and hike is designed specially to help you relax and explore the area and is best for the educational tours where both riding and walking is possible. And this is not all what we expect for our ride ad hike tour, there is something more the trust to help the one in need and to raise awareness among people. We will visit to the destination that are affected by the earthquake, landslide, flood and explore the area determine their want by not letting them know our objectives and have a visit next time and fulfill it with our fund rising.

Cost are quite similar to all of the tour but with each tour and trek confirmation under this categories 5% of the cost will be deducted for the funds and will be utilized for the development of the next coming generations. We believe in what we do and we want you to be at our side for this project.