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Nepal Motorcycle tours

Nepal Motorcycle tours take you to the land of South Asia and let you experience mountains in the foothills of Himalayas. Known for its extreme adventure destination Nepal has become a center of attraction. On this motorcycle tours we will talk about Nepal extreme bike tour destination. Such ride is best for your riding experience in the land of Himalayas. Nepal Himalayas motorcycle tour in South Asia is sure to provide unique Nepal riding destination.

Beginners or extreme bike riders, Nepal Motorcycle tours offer varieties of choice. This South Asia Motorbike tour will upgrade your skill as riders. One can also enjoy Motorcycle tours Nepal to Tibet or choose a Moto circuit tour. On this tour you can enjoy different their own culture, history and lifestyle. Let us introduce you to some of the extreme Nepal Motorcycle tours for your Moto ride in Asia.

Upper Mustang Motorcycle Tour

Upper Mustang Motorcycle Tour takes us to the restricted destination of Nepal. On this Nepal Motorcycle tour we take our ride to Kingdom of Lo. This place has its own culture and celebrated its own festival. This High Himalayas Festival takes place 3 days making it a perfect time for us to learn about Mustang.

Tibet Motorcycle tour

Nepal Motorcycle tour is not about Nepal but also about the tour to go for. This South Asia Motorbike tour let you travel form one country to another country. This Extreme Bike tour starts from Nepal and takes us all the way to Tibet, China. We challenge our self to the Himalayas of Asia and ride to the Base of world tallest mountain Mt Everest.  Best time to travel to Tibet is May- September. In October most of the time borders remain closed due to the festivals time of Tibet.

Rara Moto Expedition

Rara Moto Expedition is one of the most extreme Nepal Motorcycle Tours. Be sure to check your level of riding skill before going for this ride of your bucket list.  Even the extreme riders find it difficult to ride and will fall from the bike. This ride takes us to 2 different national parks and finally to the huge mass of Pure water. This lake lies in the high Himalayas land of Nepal. This lake is so vibrant that one cans even experience 5 different colors if you are lucky. Most of the riders will get the chance to see 3 different colors on their visit to Rara lake.

National Park ride Safari Hike

Manang Motorcycle tour

Do you like to hike and ride while taking your bike for a tour? Manang Motorcycle tour is all about a ride and a hike to the Highest Lake of Nepal “Tilicho Lake”. This Nepal Motorcycle tour lies in the valley of Annapurna circuit trail. This region is also best known among trekkers going for Thorang la Pass trek. Be sure to upgrade your skill from beginners to intermediate level to go for this Moto ride. You can also enjoy the high Mountain festival if you make your travel during the time of May.

rara moto expedition

Nepal Motorcycle tours for a South Asia Motorbike tour is a life time experience. It you are ready to challenge your riding skill then be sure to take part. You can also take part in the most extreme and enjoyable ride on a Nepal Motorcycle tours as per your riding skill.

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