Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:

Make yourself comfortable while going with the Nepal motorbike tour booking terms conditions. Riding in a different country is never easy so we would like to have you go through Nepal motorbike tour booking terms conditions in order to let you explore our specialty to the fullest. We humbly request all of you to make yourself comfortable with the terms and conditions before you book any of the tours with Motorbike day tour. Once you have made the online booking with us along with the appropriate deposits, a contract will be formed and both the parties will not be able to change it as all the below terms and conditions will be applied based on the Nepal Tourism industry governed by the jurisdiction of the Nepal Court.

1. Responsibility for both side:
Our team will not wait and make hold of the bike or ride as the riders are kept minimum in numbers so will be passed on to first come first serve basic  due to the delay on the booking. Be sure to grab the one which one suits you the best. For booking certain deposit is required and all the payment is required to be paid after the arrival at the destination.

We takes safety as our primary concern so if there is some risk en-route we will terminate the journey and change the tour plan. Sometimes might be transferred directly to the starting point due to security concern.

2. Documents:
Travel Insurance policy for your own safety along with the address of insurance companyInternational Driving License -valid If bringing own bike be sure to bring all the valid documents Safety is primary concern so be sure to have all the documents before you leave home for the tour.

3. Booking with us:
Booking are required to be done with proper thoughts and well study of terms and conditions. Once receipt of the deposits, an invoice enclosing full detail will be send to you so be sure to go through all the terms and conditions.

4. Costs:
All the tours cost are highly studied and has been managed as per the service we provide to our team. There are special offer as well from time to time so be sure to grab it and make yourself lucky, so sometimes the cost might differ from riders to riders. Hope you will be the luck one. Also special cost will be offer with the group of riders with more than 10+ participants form the same team.

5. Deposit and Balance payment:
For the booking we ask all the riders to make the payment of 30% deposits on bank transfer. This ensure that you will be joining a motorcycle tours with us For the 70% balance will be collected on the hotel upon your arrival by one of our representative. We prefer to have it collected on cash but are sure the US Dollar should not be printer before 2002.

6. Accommodation:
Accommodation ranges from high luxury hotel, guest house to camping and home stay. With the joining group all the riders will be accommodate on the same hotel as the cost are arranged as per the service to join by all. If selection for the private tour then can be accommodate as per the riders taste. For the home stay and the camping we will pick the best and secure place where one will imagine living his whole life if he can. Room will be arranged on twin sharing Basis.

Single rooms are provided on Supplements costs only.

7. Cancellation:
Our rules are very strict for this as we don’t want to miss the opportunities to provide you with our service. For the cancellation of the tour you will be required to write us explaining a reason for the cancellation of the tour. And if the cancellation is done 3 months before the tour all the money will be refunded with the deduction amount of bank transfer.But one its exceeds after 3 month our team will not be liable to pay the cost as all the money will be used for the paperwork and for the bikes guides jeeps and the permits which will be no-show.Also if the riders want to delay the program be sure to let us know your thoughts we will make some alternative arrangements in order to meet further down the road. Extra cost may be incurred.

8. Amendment:
Due to insufficient riders in particular group we will not make a stop of the tour but might transfer it or make the tour run with the available numbers

9. Damage deposit:
We ask every riders to make a certain thoughts of making a deposits of 350US$ prior to motorcycle assignments and before the tour start. This will act as a credit card for you and your assigned bike safety. Repairs of minor repairs like clutch wire, mirror light spills for once will be covered by the tour cost. But rest of the bigger damaged will be utilized by the credit balance which we hold and will be provided will the repairs costs and bill will be paid accordingly.

10. Word of advice:
Nobody wants to ruin the tour for which they have speeded so much effort time money on. So we ask all the riders to have a proper listening habit as everything is done for your own safety. All the guides, road captain, mechanics and drivers are best at what they do. Most important part is to me sure to make comfortable with the mountainous areas as every terrain is different and motorcycle ride has its own kind of danger. So we asked you to take this risk under your experience and the fitness that you are. Be sure to be open minded on accepting the changing condition and the decision are only changed for the safety matters. Be sure to make new friendship instead of being stubborn because real riders make friends not enemy.

11. Visa:
Nepal visa: Most of the time we prefer to have single entry valid visa but if the tour will be travelling from one country to another and back to Nepal then we asked the riders to have a multiple entry visa. Visa can be easily obtained in Nepal airportIndian Visa: Only a single entry visa is enough for a visit to India which is valued for 6 months. For this you need to provide reference names address phone number should be passed to the Indian consular in the Indian Embassy which is available in your country.

Tibet visa: Most of the time we ask all the riders to be sure to make the visa from Kathmandu as the visa which you will bring form your country will not work .This tour will be done in a group so we will be needing  a group visa . For this ride you will be asked with several details so we asked all the riders to provide with all the details. You just enjoy the ride let us make all the paperwork

12. Packing essentials:
Always carry all the riding kits without safety for the ride we will not be able to operate the tour for you even though you have made the payment. Always carry the clothes that will fit from harsh to the warm temperature. Always carry prescribed medicine for water purifier, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, altitude sickness, pain relief, sore throat and soon. These will help you at the time of need.Always be sure to have helmet, gloves boots and instead of having a hard luggage have the soft one, if you don’t have any we will provide it for you.

For other rules be sure to let our team know but I think these are most of the important part to be shared and to make you know what is waiting for you on this ride and what we d for the safety of the riders.